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Article 6 of law n 4109/2013 (published in Government Gazette Bulletin A/16/23-01-2013) as amended and enforced by the following laws:

Article 46 of law 4155/2013 (published in Government Gazette Bulletin A/120/2013),

Article 15 of law 4242/2014 (published in Government Gazette Bulletin A/50/2014),

Articles 1-10 of law 4468/2017 (published in Government Gazette Bulletin A/61/2017) and

Article 32 of law 4712/2020 (published in Government Gazette Bulletin A/146/2020). 

The Regulation of Operation was issued with No. 114027/2021 Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministers of Development & Investment, Interior and Finance (Government Gazette Bulletin 5065/B/02-11-2021).

The Regulation of Financial Management and Procurement was issued with No. F.051/10341/487 Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministers of Finance and Development and Competitiveness, Interior and Finance (Government Gazette Bulletin 2547/B/24-09-2014).



The  Hellenic Organization for Standardization (NQIS/ELOT) was established in 1976 by article  1 of law 372/76 (Government Gazette Bulletin 166/A/1976) the purposes and powers of which are enforced to date.

At national level, the operation of Standardization is regulated by the following two Regulations: 

a) Regulation on the drafting and issuing of Greek Standards and Specifications, which defines the fundamental principles and the procedure that must be respected and followed by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (NQIS/ELOT) when drafting and issuing purely Greek standards and specifications as well as during the preparation and adoption , as Greek, European and/or international standards and standardization documents (ref. no. 69-03/2003-11-19 decision of the Board of Directors of ELOT S.A.), and


b) Regulation on the Establishment and Operation of Standardization Technical Bodies of the ELOT, which regulates the establishment, formation and operation of the technical bodies used by NQIS/ ELOT for the creation of Greek Standards and the general achievement of the goals of Standardization (sub. no. 464/2005 -10-19 decision of the Board of Directors of ELOT SA).

Information Center PD 81-2018

P.D. 81/2018 (Government Gazette Bulletin 151/A/21-8-2018) "Incorporation into Greek law of Directive (EU) 2015/1535 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 September 2015 (OJ L 241 ???/ of 17.9.2015, p.1) "on the establishment of an information procedure in the field of technical specifications and rules relating to information society services (codified text)"




The "Hellenic Institute of Metrology" (EIM), was established by article 1 of Law 2231/1994 (Government Gazette Bulletin A΄139) the purposes and powers of which are enforced to date 

Article 41 of Law 4155/2013 for the National Time as enforced  to date




Public Sector Entities (Law 3429/2005 as amended and enforced)

Greek Public Human Resources Registry and Single Payment Authority Application (Law 3845/2010) as enforced  


Register of General Government Entities by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (by article 50 of law 3843/2011 as enforced)

Selection and Recruitment of the Administration of Public Sector Entities  (Law 4735/2020 as enforced)


Selection and Recruitment by the- Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection Legislation (ASEP)

Law  2190/1994 as amended and enforced  (Law  4590/2019, Law  4622/2019 on Recruitment planning in the public sector as enforced and Law 4440/2016 on the  Mobility System/Digital Organizational Chart

Uniform Payroll in the public sector (Law 4354/2015 as enforced)


Public Procurement:  Law 4412/2016 on Public Contracts, Projects and Procurement as enforced


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