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1. Standardization

Standardization is the procedure through which Standards are created. Standards are prepared for activities, processes and products. The term product is used for materials (e.g. industrial products), non-materials (like services and software) or a combination of both.

In Greece, ELOT is the sole national body responsible for the elaboration, approval, publication and distribution of Hellenic Standards. The elaboration of Standards is entrusted to ELOT’s Technical Committees and Working Groups, in which interested parties from both the Public and the Private Sector are represented, in order to achieve maximum possible consensus among them.

In this framework, ELOT operates more than 190 Technical Committees and Working Groups, members of which are more than 1100 distinguished Greek scientists.

The founding law of ELOT establishes the 15-member National Standardization Council, which is the responsible advisory body for the State concerning standardization matters. In the National Standardization Council the members represent Ministries, scientific and professional bodies as well as the consumers.

ELOT’s membership and active participation in the European and international Standardization activities and the Organizations that administer them (ISO & IEC for the International Standardization, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, EOTA for the European Standardization) lend to Hellenic Standards the necessary international recognition. Furthermore, ELOT’s participation to these Organizations provides for the opportunity to express and support the Hellenic views and interests, while through the adoption of International and European Standards the necessary compatibility is achieved and valuable know-how is transferred.

2. Information - Training

ELOT provides information services on Standardization, Certification, Testing, Quality and EU Legislation issues, either electronically or by phone, mail etc.

ELOT also provides specialized open or in house training courses, in topics related to Standardization, Certification, Testing, Quality and EU Legislation.

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