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Registration of Special Numbers

ELOT, as the National Registration Authority, registers:

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number

According to ISO 3780, ISO 3779, ISO 4030 and ISO/TR 8357 standards.

This number is known as the frame number and is assigned to motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, and mopeds manufactured in Greece.

IIN : Card Issuer Identification Number

(IIN – Issuer Identification Number) according to ISO/IEC 7812-1 and ISO/IEC 7812-2 standards.

This number is assigned to banks and individuals for issuing cards.

AVI/AVE: Vehicle and Equipment Identification Numbers

(AVI/AVE – Automatic Vehicle /Equipment Identifier) according to the ISO 14816 standard.

This number is assigned for the automatic and electronic collection of tolls.

RID: Registered Application Provider Identifier numbers

According to the ISO/IEC 7816-5 standard.

This number is assigned to private or public bodies that wish to be uniquely identified as providers of identification card applications.

OID : Service Identification Code

(Object identifier) according to Standard ISO/IEC 9834-1.

The OID refers to the granting of the right of use and registration.

If you have any further questions regarding the registration of special numbers, please contact us by phone +30 210 2120121 or email registration_numbers [at] elot [dot] gr.