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ELOT Subscribers

ELOT subscribers can become:

  1. State bodies and legal entities of the public sector regardless of legal status.
  2. Businesses or private entities (including all legal forms thereof).
  3. Employers’ Associations and Autonomous independent associations of natural and legal persons engaged in commercial activity.
  4. University Institutions, Academic and Research Bodies and Organizations, Institutes.
  5. Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, Testing Bodies.
  6. Natural persons.

* In order to obtain the above-mentioned status, the interested party must submit an application (a sample of which is attached) in which the requested category of subscriber is specified. His inclusion in the list follows the relevant decision of the CEO of NQIS (ELOT) after the interested party has met his financial obligations towards ELOT.

ELOT Subscribers enjoy specific privileges such as discounts on ELOT Standards and services, representation at conferences and participation in ELOT missions.