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Standardization Sectors

According to the Regulation on the establishment and operation of Technical Standardization Bodies of ELOT, the Standardization Sectors are the following:
Α/Α Sector Title
01 Measurement, Testing, Instruments and Materials
02 Environmental Engineering and Safety
03 Energy Engineering
04 Electrotechnology
05 Communication-Electromagnetic Compatibility/Electromagnetic Interferences
06 Control & Information Technology
07 Mechanical engineering
08 Production engineering
09 Transportation Engineering
10 Constructions
11 Metallurgy
12 Chemical Technology, Wood, Paper, Fibres, Clothes
13 Consumption Goods and Services
14 Health Sciences
15 Technology Of Foodstuffs, Tobacco, Agricultural and Fish – Farming
16 Science Of Management, Human and Cultural Sciences
17 Electric Power Systems and Transformers, Projects Related To Safety And Environment